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Verantwortlich im Sinne des Presserechts
V. i. S. d. P
Coop Anti-War Café Berlin, H. Bücker
Rochstr. 3
10178 Berlin / Germany



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  1. Ute Breitenbach

    I missed your demonstration last sunday, 10th of april in Berlin! Cry!
    You have done a very good job!
    I think „war on terror“ is a threatening mental desease and I look for people to share my opinion or for groups.
    Terrorism should be fight as international crime. But the concept of „war against terror“ is inhuman and absolutely disgraceful.
    I think the discussion against war doesn’t get the full absurdity of „war against terror“, because it is based on a strong believe in violence which is much more unsensible than a military sense of violence. The attitude behind war on terror is (likewise) „We are the good and therefore our violence we carry out with big military means is a violence of fairness and therefore our violence (our acts of war) will bring reason, insight, good relations, peace and good feelings“ (Violence brings a lot of things except exactly theseones) No military man make do with such an attitude: „Oh I can make military operations carelessly and occasionally, I’ll expect thankful war-enemies, which are happy to be brought to reason“
    One does not get it because this war is based on absolute superiority on beeing absolute sure that no reaction and no consequence will follow to any militairy act. (Therefore we all cry constantly how vulnerable we are and how powerless even inspite of superior army we are exposed to the evil of the world)
    It is such an absurd attitude – really!…Happy that I found you! :-)

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